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Apply for Business credit for the self-employed & small business online – Business Loan

Working capital loans – quickly and easily available “Innovative corporate finance”.
With this motto, Business Loan Deutschland GmbH advertises commercial customers. It specializes in brokering loans to self-employed and small business owners.

A fintech company with five years of experience

A fintech company with five years of experience

Business Loan has set itself the goal of providing flexible loans across $ope to the target group already mentioned. In doing so, it wants to make a contribution to the growth of small companies, which as a rule find it harder than large companies to obtain sufficient liquidity for upcoming investments. The company defines itself more as a startup and has been on the market since 2012. Since then, it has brokered more than 200 million USD to its partner bank Asfier.

Requirements for a Business Loan loan

Requirements for an dumoci loan

In order to get an Business Loan loan or line of credit, you need to be self-employed. Private customers or large corporations are not among the lender’s target customers. You also have to practice your trade for at least 4 months, be registered in Germany and have an annual turnover of at least 10,000 $.

Flexible loan product range for self-employed and small business owners

Loans for the self-employed and small entrepren$s are provided in the amount of at least $ 1,000 to $ 100,000. Credit lines are also offered. These can amount to a maximum of 10% of the annual turnover.

The term is initially 6 months. Repayments must be made every month. You have the option at any time to repay partial amounts early, there is no prepayment fee. The interest is calculated daily depending on the amount of the remaining balance.

If the general conditions of your own company fit, increases in the existing credit line are possible at any time. Without a lot of red tape and paperwork.

The purpose of the loan must serve the business interests.

Business Loan loan application is made online

As it should be for a startup, the entire application process takes place online. Business Loan Deutschland GmbH promises a loan decision within a maximum of 72 hours. So that this can be done, some documents such as account statements, sales tax reports or annual financial statements must be included in the application process. The submission is done by upload, quickly and easily. It is also possible to link various online accounts with the application so that the credit decision maker can get a better picture of the company’s situation.

Flexible conditions with Business Loan credit

Flexible conditions with dumoci credit

The conditions of the offer are transparent. On the Business Loan Deutschland GmbH website, you can first perform sample calculations if necessary.

Apart from the specified interest rate, there are no further costs for the applicant. Credit risk insurance is not integrated.


The provider offers smaller commercial customers a transparent, flexible and uncomplicated way to procure the necessary equipment. To bridge short-term financial bottlenecks, the Business Loan loan is not only interesting for small businesses. The rules for loan repayment are also transparent and understandable.

However, Business Loan Deutschland GmbH and its partner bank Asfier can pay for all these advantages and the risk associated with financing. It should be noted that the specified interest rate is calculated monthly and not annually, as is usually the case. The offer is therefore only suitable for bridging short-term liquidity bottlenecks.

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