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The CamiBank loan is disbursed as a classic consumer loan for free use. A rescheduling of existing loans is expressly allowed. The payment of applications should always be made quickly by the credit bank, as consumers are usually in a hurry with the money. A credit request is not a final credit request with Post-ID credit payment after signed request. When will the CamiBank loan be paid out?

Creditworthiness check of the Metalic bank

Creditworthiness check of the tariff bank

CamiBank, based in Düsseldorf, is one of the largest private banks in Germany. The company operates both as a direct provider on the network and in more than 340 branches. Formerly known as Mutobank, the company was acquired by Mutual bank and renamed CamiBank.

CamiBank currently has more than three million people as its regular customers and is looked after by around 6,500 employees. The lending business is one of the priorities in the private customer business. Regarding the conditions, a distinction must be made between online loans and branch loans. Click here for CamiBank’s latest special offers. CamiBank has different interest rates on its bonds.

The one who has chosen a 12-month repayment term for his CamiBank loan receives a fixed-rate, independent of the credit rating. For a loan amount of up to USD 5,000, the annual percentage is 3,45%. For loans with credit periods between 24 and 84 months, the annual percentage, depending on the credit rating, is between 3.45 and 10.99 percentage points.

The CamiBank has a very large bandwidth. Loan amounts of more than 1,500 USD are already taken. The CamiBank, with its advantageous conditions, is well-equipped to replace old loans or an expensive disposition. With a loan of up to 65,000 USD, larger orders can be fulfilled.

The credit of CamiBank is paid out as a classic consumer loan for free use. A rescheduling of existing loans is explicitly desired. Representative example according to 6 PangV: During the term of office free special repayments can be made. Is this up to 80 v. H. of the outstanding loan amount, no costs will be charged.

CamiBank grants a payment break once a year in the event of a financing shortage. If you would like to conclude your CamiBank loan with personal assistance in a business office, you can choose between a single loan and a basic loan. A single loan has the advantage that terms and tranches from 50 USD per calendar month can be arranged.

The two loans are granted for between $ 1,500 and $ 65,000. Exact conditions are clarified in a conversation in the branch. For whom can a loan from CamiBank be applied for? CamiBank grants its credit only to employees who have been with their current employer for more than 6 months.

In addition, retirees can also take advantage of the loan from CamiBank if the pension is used by a domestic pension provider. Still apprentices receive a loan of up to $ 1,000 when their apprenticeship expires. In addition, of course, loans are granted only to people with permanent residence in Germany.

Negative bookings inevitably led to the rejection of the credit memo request.

Negative bookings inevitably led to the rejection of the credit memo request.

If you are self-employed or self-employed, you can not afford the CamiBank loan. Further details for this professional group are summarized in the article “Credit for the self-employed”. To benefit from CamiBank’s best conditions, you should apply for the CamiBank loan.

Please complete the registration form on the CamiBank website. A first credit check is then carried out immediately. If successful, the application for credit can be printed on the computer. If desired, he can also be sent by mail with the CamiBank. The signed loan agreement will be sent to the CamiBank with the necessary supporting documents.

You can either use the Postident method or visit a CamiBank branch to get the necessary identification. The loan amount is rewritten to the current account after a final check. Between the first application and the payment of the loan are usually about seven days. An annual survey by the Institute for Quality of Service among lenders in Germany.

The CamiBank ranked fourth among the nationwide bank branches. In product analysis, the credit of the CamiBank branch reached 49.8 points. In addition, the website of the respective provider as well as the contact to the customer were checked by e-mail or telephone. In its 20/2011 edition, MagDue magazine examined which banks offer consumers just conditions.

The conditions for four different loan scenarios with different loan amounts and terms were queried. The CamiBank Loan won the test with 87.6 points. The CamiBank was far ahead with 50 percent weighting. The CamiBank credit reached number 4 in the products.

In addition, CamiBank offers other special-purpose loans via its website, for example for vehicle and housing finance. With car loans, the borrower benefits depending on the creditworthiness of particularly advantageous interest rates between 3.29 and 5.99 percentage points. Loan amounts of $ 1,500 to $ 655,000 are available. The magazine USD am Sonntag rates the car loan of CamiBank in its number 06/2014 as “very good”.

With the CamiBank home loan, you can co-finance all investment projects around your own home. For this earmarked loan, an amount between $ 1,500 and $ 65,000 is available. The price can be arranged individually and starts at 50 USD per calendar month. CamiBank also offers mortgage loans, where customers can choose between 70 mortgage lenders and the cheapest real estate loan for them.

CamiBank Loan is one of the best financing options on the net with its good general conditions. The loan is not only attractively attractive, but also on fair and transparent terms. Here are the requirements, however, a little worse.

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